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North West Audio Services.
The choice for professional Audio repair, installation and servicing in the North West

North West Audio Services is a UK based business which repairs a wide range of audio equipment
Originally based in Wirral serving the wider area, North West Audio Services had moved to North Wales.

Repairs that are commonly dealt with are power amplifiers, PA equipment including speaker cone and complete driver replacement, DJ equipment repair including the industry standard Pioneer CDJ range of CD decks and DJM range of mixers. Portable wireless microphone repairs for fitness instructors, Recording Studio microphone repairs, Studio monitors, and any sized mixing console right from the small portable mixers right up to huge 36 channel and up analogue mixing desks.

North West Audio Services also carries out on site work* with a number of large organisations within the North West of England and North Wales. This has included fault finding and rectification within radio studio setups, on site repair and maintenance of studio equipment and mixing consoles, installing equipment and signal cabling into studio setups, and Portable Appliance Testing for electrical safety.

North West Audio Services has a rapidly growing client base and is happy to deal with all types of repair work of audio electronics, we have performed fault finding in domestic surround sound systems, assisted technical installations at Art Centres, even given fault finding advice over the phone.

We have been recognised as a non warranty service centre for Marshall Amplification in the UK, so are a safe pair of hands to leave your beloved Guitar amp with for repair or modification.

Why use us?

Before NW Audio Services was started the Proprietor Guy Blanchard was a senior service engineer at a well known Liverpool based pro audio company. This has been in his trade for almost ten years. With a highly technical degree in Broadcast Technology behind him, and the relevant experience from industry he has all the knowledge and all the skill and experience to solve the technical issues you are having.

What do we do?

Everything from routine maintenance, to full system installation, custom wiring, fault finding and general repair or part replacement and upgrade.


*Callout charge may apply, please see rates page


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