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The choice for professional Audio repair, installation and servicing in the North West

As with the repairs, if it can be classed as professional audio equipment we will be able to service it.

What exactly is a service?
It partially depends on the equipment in question, but if we take two vital elements in a band’s, venue’s or studio’s setup you get an idea.

A condenser microphone and a mixing desk.

Both these items suffer from moisture and dirt issues, so the main element in a routine service is proper cleaning. This involves more skill than you might think. Improper cleaning can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic components.

Not only are items cleaned but any evidence of poor or failing solder work is looked for and rectified before it becomes an issue.

So what would we do with a mixing desk? Firstly test it for known faults, then its stripped down to a state where the worst of the dust and debris can be removed. The faders are then cleaned and any connection issues are dealt with. The desk it then calibrated if required, and reassembled and checked for operation.

A microphone would be similar, where it is tested, then stripped down, cleaned out, and checked for connection issues. The main difference is the amount of skill required for capsule cleaning, one prime example is the U87, any slight damage to the thin gold plating on the capsule is detrimental to the audio performance of the microphone. Then it is reassembly and test.

Services can be booked in day or half day blocks to maximise the amount of servicing you get done.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will advise the required amount of time to perform the service required.


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