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North West Audio Services.
The choice for professional Audio repair, installation and servicing in the North West

We carry out a wide range of repairs on a regular basis, from mixing desk service and stripdown, guitar amp repairs, modifications (including Marshall DSL401 overheating issue modification) stopping power “bang” issues on amplifiers, repairing Radio mic headsets for high activity users (fitness instructors and stage performers)

DJ equipment such as the Pioneer CDJ1000 range and above, we offer repair to many of the common faults, including Play and Cue button issues, laser replacement, dead screen
rectification. Repairs to DJ mixers from scratchy faders, pots and crossfaders most of which can be resolved through strip-down and clean, or if required replacement parts.If it can be classed as audio equipment we will advise if a repair can be performed.

We can repair items in the following list, this is not an exhaustive list,
 so if it isn’t here it doesn’t mean we can’t fix it!

Mixing desks
Stage snakes and cabling
DJ mixers
DJ CD decks
CD players
PA amplifiers
PA speakers, re-cone or component replacement
Guitar amps
Studio outboard
Broadcast outboard
High end Hi-Fi equipment
Some AV equipment

Quotes must be requested, as some repairs are simpler and quicker to perform if we already have the item in pieces on the workbench.
 If you do need us to quote we will endeavor to provide you with one.

We prefer to provide an estimate on some repairs, as there can be “cascade” faults which do not become apparent
until the initial repair has been made.

Turnaround depends on the particular equipment in question, spare part availability, and current workload.
Please contact us in the first instance and we will advise.



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