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Iím not sure what is wrong with my equipment, can you tell me?

Some of the time a simple routine can narrow down the fault with a set of instructions provided over the phone. But to get a proper diagnosis we need to see the item.

Do you use the cheapest component possible when repairing broken electronics?

No this is the last factor we look at when sourcing our components, the specific characteristics are always as closely matched to the original as possible. Some components may not be the genuine original, as they often go out of manufacture, but we always go for the best suited components.

Will there be a warranty on my repair?

Yes. With all repairs we offer a 90 day warranty on the original fault. Subsequent unrelated faults will not be covered. Nor will malicious or accidental damage, carelessness or incorrect operation or improper use.

Can you come to us to inspect the faulty equipment/service the equipment we have?

Yes, there may be a callout charge associated with this kind of visit.

Do you charge hourly or per job?

Not exactly. Either, hourly or day rates are charged, please see Rates page.
A callout may be applicable, depending on distance travelled or time to arrive on site.


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