North West Audio Services not only carries out repair work, but we also make bespoke cable assemblies and interconnects for all manner of audio and video equipment.

We can make to order any type of soldered or wire crimped audio cable for you, we have made many multi channel looms for a wide array of clients. Including EDAC cables, analogue and digital D-sub D25 connectors for Protools and associated multi channel devices.
Please contact us with the connecting equipment and cable run lengths for a quote including delivery, collection in person is also available.

Mixing console power supply upgrades.
Bespoke multi rail DC Power supplies for analogue mixing consoles. We have made 19 Rackmount power supplies for customers using state of the art digital power technology, providing clean, stable power, low noise, low heat output, smaller size and lower weight than conventional linear power supplies. Their high efficiency means that less energy is wasted producing the power you require, so you could conceivably lower your electricity bill at the same time!
We can even specify them for use over several countries with different mains power supplies.
All enclosed in a convenient rackmount case, complete with power switch, fuses, and LED rail indicators.
Should something go wrong with any of the power rails, they are covered with a 1 year warranty and can be simply and quickly swapped out by one of our technicians.

Console PSU
Console PSU front
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